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Become the owner of your leisure residence

Treat yourself to a holiday and leisure residence tout en restant locataire de votre emplacement in green surroundings!

Becoming the owner of your residence at Parc de la Chesnaie is possible! A wide choice of LLH chalets and MLR mobile homes is available to you, new or used. Sachant que vous ne serez pas propriétaire du terrain, il faudra prévoir dans votre budget le montant de la location du terrain qu’occupera votre chalet /mobile home. La location se fait à partir de 270€/mois pour 200 m2.

Buy your new mobile home or chalet

Do you dream of a pied à terre in the countryside, for your holidays or your weekends? Treat yourself to an outdoor residence, where you can fully enjoy your free time with family or friends.

Buy your second-hand mobile home or Chalet

We offer a wide range of second-hand mobile homes and chalets, contact us for more information!

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