photo d'un chalet

What is a leisure residential park?

A Residential Leisure Park (RLP) is a “specially developed campsite”. These are parks exclusively reserved for the establishment of light leisure dwellings (chalets) and mobile leisure residences (mobile homes).

These leisure residences are real alternatives to country houses. Indeed, the parks are real properties that offer a whole range of leisure activities and services: swimming pool, children's play areas, sanitary buildings, para-hotel services... A simple country house can hardly offer you so much!

In most cases, the residence belongs to you, but you do not own the land and therefore, you must rent your plot for the year.

But you can also be a tenant of both: leisure residence + plot. This rental may be for a variable period.

The Parc de La Chesnaie has been in existence for more than 30 years: you will find leisure plots of various sizes, shapes and exposures that offer private spaces to everyone.

Everything is done to ensure that everyone's privacy is respected while promoting sharing and exchange with others.

Nature and time have done their work!