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With more than 30 years of existence and more than 15 years of management by the same family, we have a human vision of our profession.

We are committed to :

  • Respect the environment :
    The conservation and protection of France's natural heritage is a real challenge for us. On a daily basis, we act to preserve natural capital. Some of our actions:
    – Installation of heat pumps for heating the swimming pool
    – Installation of light detectors for outdoor lighting
    – Access to recycling and compost
    – Use of electric carts as much as possible for moving within the park
    – Use of environment-friendly products for cleaning and treatment of green spaces
  • We encourage our residents to do the same. During your stay at Parc de La Chesnaie, you will be invited to participate in simple but effective actions such as sorting waste or using reusable bags, making war on water leaks, etc.
  • Partner companies (suppliers but also customers as much as possible) are established locally.
  • Customers and their situations are taken into account with real human management. We adapt our offers as much as possible so they are tailor-made.
    Our charter:
    – No admission fees
    – Costs related to installation services are billed at the fairest price
    – No compulsory change of mobile home every 7 years as we can sometimes hear in other campsites
    – The prices for new mobile homes are those recommended by the manufacturers
    – The prices of second-hand mobile homes are affordable
    – The budget is clear: the rental of the land on one side, a sales contract for the mobile home on the other. Consumption (water, gas, etc.) provisioned for every month to smoothen your budget as much as possible. The amount of the rental of the plot and the provisions are debitted 12 installments on the 5th or 15th of each month to allow you to manage your budget more serenely.
    – Guests are free of charge (without the number of guests being excessive)

The family spirit is everywhere at the Parc de la Chesnaie

Regulations make it possible to define rules in order to protect the park, its occupants and a positive general atmosphere.

Notes: To be completely transparent, there are still two items to be provided to complete your monthly budget. You have to think about insuring your property, it is often an option offered by the insurance of your main home (not very expensive), and think about the costs related to transport but since we are located on the edge of the Essonne for those who live in Paris and its suburbs and for those who live in Orléans and its suburbs, we are really ideally located so as not to spend too much time in transports, and not very far, therefore less expense for fuel.
Road access can also be quick even without going through the highway. There is even a chance that you will save money with the barbecues that you will be able to do on site and even save on your purchases by making them around!

Our wish: to offer a green setting where goods are affordable, activities are varied and where the family spirit prevails.

In addition the Parc de la Chesnaie is:

  • Ideal for the family
  • Fit for group reception (professional or private)
  • A campsite in the countryside
  • Open all year
    - A calendar of bank and school holidays
  • A place where animals are accepted